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About the system

The Alien gimmick was designed to dynamically transmit to a spectator or the magician, any information. That is, unlike other devices you don´t have to "force" from a predefined set of sounds you have in your device. The built in app for iOS and Android can send any word or phrase to the device, apart from songs or sounds.

Mind Reading

You can guess any info a spectator types on google, without watching any screen or visual cue. It can be your mobile or the spectators one.

iOS or Android

Easy to install and use, comes with the app to start performing inmediately.

Thought Implant

Make the spectator receive information with their ears completely covered, an experience few of them will forget! The closest thing to implanting a thought.

How it works?

Zero Sound Leakage

Our improved electronics with tilt sensor provides a secure experience so no one apart from the "target" spectator will hear anything.


Comes with rechargeable battery and battery meter so your good to go at any time, and adjustable velcro strap for wearing.

Sound Pack

Download our sound pack on mp3 that you can instantly use on your routines.

Quality and Price

Guaranteed to work everytime, it's the lowest price on the market for a device that has more capabilities.

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