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  • Special Magic for Special Moments

Witness True Impossible Miracles


Mariano has been perfecting every trick and routine he does over thousands of live performances. All his presentations are crisp and clear, leaving only amazement behind.


Being able to adapt his style of performing magic, Mariano can do magic almost with any product, or any new idea. The sky is the limit.


By constantly seeking new and different effects, he combines the most amazing sleight of hand with new technologies to produce incredible results.


Mariano is one of the hardest working Magicians in Spain. He performs several shows in Houdini Magic Theater, as well as private parties and events. He is also well known at gatherings in European countries and Middle East.

Some say he mastered many different fields in Magic...

Coin Magic
Card Magic

The Shows


The Close Up Full Show

50 minutes

This show is for approximately 70 spectators and includes many some of the most incredible effects and routines in modern magic.

Table-to-Table Magic

A more intimate performance

Suitable for events at restaurants or dinner parties. Each table has the unique opportunity to witness real miracles at few inches away.


Creating Special Moments

This type of show is created specially for companies willing to highlight their products or gatherings and impress their clients.

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

His Creations

Some Numbers

22 Magic Products
14 Delivered Projects
124 Satisfied Companies
2 Magic Awards


  • Escorial University

    Ilusionism Degree

    Mariano Goñi is the professor at world's first magic degree:The Reina María Cristina del Escorial University.

  • Aegon Insurance


    Mariano made 11 motivational workshops for the company employees, helping the enterprise success.

  • World travel

    Shows in Europe

    From january 2014 to this day, Mariano has been performing and lecturing all over Europe, in 14 countries.

  • Magic Group

    Magic Circle!

    Want to join the magic circle? stay tuned!

    Once a week we gather to share experiences in magic.

  • In Time

    Magic Show

    When your reputation is in play, don't hesitate to hire the best professional!

On The Spotlight

Magic University

Mariano Goñi, academic professor at the RCU Escorial,starts classes for the second generation of magicians in 2014.



Presentation of Defiance at the Zamora arts and culture center,Spain

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Working for Delina's Corporate, Spain



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